The Su Htwe is a little girl, born on 7th July 1995. She is from Hlaing Tharyar, a new township in Yangon, some 20kms north-west of the city centre. Most of its 160,000 inhabitants have been resettled from slums around Yangon. People have few job opportunities and struggle to earn a living from casual labour on construction sites, or by working in local factories. Families often end up in debt simply trying to make ends meet.

People suffer many poverty-related problems, such as bad health, malnutrition, skin diseases and diarrhoea, especially among children. Many children do not attend school because parents cannot afford fees, or they have to work to help support their families. People lack basic services like electricity and rely on candles and firewood, which increases the hazard of fire in the thatch-roofed huts. A lack of sanitation and access to clean water also contribute to poor health.

Child sponsor funding enables World Vision to work in partnership with local communities to help improve the quality of life for families in Hlaing Tharyar. To find out more about World Vision's work, click here.

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